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2022 WORLD MADAM Awards Ceremony

Published: 2023-04-19 10:45:01


WCETV in Los Angeles hosted the 2022 WORLD MADAM Awards Ceremony USA Finals on April 2, 2023, with a lineup of esteemed guests in attendance. Among those present were global brand World Madam’s founder Anni Huang, World Madam Global Executive Chairperson Lisa Chen, Global General Director Alain Azoulay, and Global Art Director Mariana Popzlateva. The ceremony also saw the attendance of U.S. Honorary Chairman Fei Fang, 2020 U.S. Overall Champion Shun Ying Hui, 2021 U.S. Overall Champion Celestine Liu, and Executive Chairperson of World Madam’s New York State Division Diane Jing, alongside other notable guests.


The ceremony was also observed by several distinguished guests, including Mayor of Arcadia Paul P. Cheng, Mayor of South Pasadena Michael Cacciotti, former Mayor of San Gabriel Tony Ding, Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yiu, and representatives from the General Consulate of the People's Republic of China in Los Angeles.

Mayor Ding expressed his appreciation for the event during a media interview, highlighting the importance of World Madam's activities.

At the award ceremony, Mayor Yiu delivered an enthusiastic speech in support of the organization's efforts. Drawing on her individual experiences, she encouraged married women to become more engaged in their communities and society.

Alongside Huang and Azoulay, Yiu presented awards to the winners of the Overall Champion and Crowd Favorite Champion titles. This was a historic moment, as it marked the first time a mayor had presented awards since the establishment of the World Madam brand.


Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yiu presents award to Lily Han, the 2022 World Madam USA Finals Annual Overall Champion


Mayor of Arcadia Paul P. Cheng delivers a speech


Former Mayor of San Gabriel Tony Ding delivers a speech


Cultural Consular of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles Yun Chai delivers a speech

The event was co-organized by World Madam Foundation, World Tea Art and Culture Foundation, and U.S.-China International Culture and Art Education Fund, with nearly 20 enterprises and institutions providing support. Among the organizations that participated were World Madam Group, World Madam Academy, World Madam Global Event Management Co., Ltd., Mrs. World Group, and World College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yiu (R) and World Madam brand founder Anni Huang (L) are crowning Lily Han, the 2022 World Madam USA Finals Annual Overall Champion

The one-day intensive competition of the 2022 USA Finals was held on April 1, resulting in a series of important awards after careful selection by the judging panel. Lily Han was crowned the Overall Champion of 2022, while Anna Oris won the Crowd Favorite Champion, and Connie Zhang was awarded the Online Popularity Champion. The Intelligence Champion and Talent Champion were respectively presented to Dhanu Prathap and Anna Chen, while Ripsy Janikyan received the Grace Champion title. In addition, Christina Cheng Zou and Natasha Katslap were respectively awarded second and third place. The judging panel also decided to present the 2022 USA Honorary Champion award to Laura Weissbecker, a well-known artist in Hollywood.

In addition, a press conference of World Tea Art and Culture Foundation was held before the awards ceremony. After the awards ceremony, World Madam Foundation, in collaboration with U.S.-China International Fund for Culture and Arts Education, hosted the 13th annual United Nations World Autism Awareness Day Charity Concert. The concert has been an annual event for the past 12 years, initiated by Lisa Chen.

World Madam is a comprehensive service platform that celebrates the unique and diverse qualities of married women worldwide. Originally launched in Canada, the platform aims to “improve the overall quality of women, establish exceptional female role models, assist disadvantaged women and children, promote the cultivation of global female talent, maintain social stability, and advance global peace and development.” Through various initiatives such as “Crown Changes Lives,” influential married women from various fields such as politics, economics, science and technology, culture, and education are connected to inspire and encourage others to prioritize self-care while managing the demands of work, family, and future generations. By spreading health, beauty, and love, participating in social welfare activities, and aiding disadvantaged women and children, World Madam strives to achieve its vision of promoting “harmony and happiness in families across the world.”


Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yiu presents award to Lily Han, the 2022 World Madam USA Finals Annual Overall Champion


Mayor of Monterey Park Yvonne Yiu presents award to Laura Weissbecker, 2022 World Madam USA Finals Overall Honorary Champion

Currently, over 100 World Madam events of various sizes have been held or applied for in more than 40 countries and regions, with over 10,000 married women actively participating. These events have had a significantly positive impact on the world, making outstanding contributions towards promoting the exchange of ideas and talents among women, strengthening friendships and cooperation between women of different countries, and promoting social development.

The World Madam Global Finals are scheduled to take place on October 7, 2023, at the prestigious Gotham Hall, a renowned upscale event venue located in New York.


World Madam Global Executive Chairwoman Lisa Chen accepts interviews with major media reporters


World Madam brand founder Anni Huang accepts interviews with major media reporters


The winner list of the 2022 WORLD MADAM Awards Ceremony USA Finals is as follows

Overall Champion :Lily Han

Honorary Champion :Laura Weissbecker

The Popular Vote Champion Award :Anna Oris

The Popular Vote Champion Award:Connie Zhang

Talent Champion:Anna Chen

Deportment Champion :Ripsy Janikyan

Intellectual  Champion:Dhanu Prathap

Runner-up:Christina Cheng Zou

Third Place:Natasha Katslap

Madam Most Outstanding Achievement:Jing Su

Madam Best in Morality:Jennifer Zhu

Madam Media Choice:Melissa Ann

Madam Charity Ambassador:Anna Chen

Madam Most Photogenic:Ripsy Janikyan

Madam Best in Family Harmony:Monica Sigh

Madam Most Beautiful Smile :Daisy Ramirez

Madam Most Self Assured:Selina Dai

Madam Most Influential:Lily Han

Madam Most Energetic:Christina Cheng Zou 

Madam Most Inspirational:Margo Balan

Madam Most Affinity:May Lu

Madam Most Fashionable:Tina Glaze 

Madam Most Popular:Connie Zhang


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