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Meeting Sanlian machinery was invited to attend the fifth national high-level forum on comprehensive utilization of coal gangue.

Published: 2023-05-18 14:20:03


Conference | Sanlian Machinery Invited to Attend the 5th National Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Coal Gangue


The 5th National High Level Forum on Comprehensive Utilization of Coal Gangue was successfully held in Yulin City, Shanxi Province from May 10 to 12, 2023.





This forum mainly focuses on the prevention and control of solid waste pollution from coal gangue in the Yellow River Basin, the construction of a diversified technological innovation chain for comprehensive utilization of coal gangue in coal resource-based cities, the creation of an industrial chain for comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, the improvement of regional coal gangue comprehensive utilization rate, and the realization of green, sustainable, high-quality development of the coal carbon industry and a focused development of comprehensive utilization industry.


Sanlian Machinery was invited to attend, and Vice General Manager Li Xiaoying gave a keynote speech on "The Application of Full Servo Control System in Dry Brick and Lightweight Wall Panel Production Lines" as the invited guest.  



1、 Speech on-site


At the meeting, Sanlian Machinery explained in a speech that: based on a comprehensive analysis of the coal gangue production volume of several major coal enterprises in China, solutions of millions and millions of tons of coal gangue are currently needed in China.


The use of coal gangue can be used on dry bricks, and the finished products can be wall tiles, floor tiles, or large ecological retaining walls, as well as on lightweight wall panel production lines. Different production equipment can not only digest a large amount of coal gangue, but also comply with the direction of green development in the building materials market.


With nearly thirty years of industry experience in Sanlian Machinery, we demonstrate the application of full servo control systems in dry brick and lightweight wall panel production lines.



2、Exhibition site


At the exhibition, many customers stopped at the booth of Sanlian Machinery and showed strong interest in the application of coal gangue to produce "wall tiles, floor tiles, ecological retaining walls, and lightweight wall panels". This further demonstrates the importance and practicality of the theme of our speech, while also proving the competitiveness and attractiveness of our products and technologies in the market.


Sanlian Machinery looks forward to working together with everyone to achieve green, sustainable, high-quality development and comprehensive utilization of the coal and carbon industry.


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