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Mr. Kovacs, Chairman of the Innovation and Development Agency of the OECD, visited Shanghai Link and Guanghua Cambridge

Published: 2023-05-29 19:15:01

On May 11, 2023, Mr. Kovacs, Chairman of the Innovation and Development Department of the World Economic Cooperation and Development Organization (OECD), and his delegation visit Shanghai Leadech and Guanghua Cambridget. President Liang Xun 'an and Vice President of Shanghai Leadech and President Lei Dongdong and Vice President of Guanghua Cambridget warmly receive Mr. Kovacs and his delegation and conduct cordial and friendly exchanges. Mr. Yin Xiaoxiao, Minister Representative of the European Youth Business Council in China, and Mr. Zhao Xiaoqiang, Executive Member of the Greater China Region of the Young World Leaders Programme were also present.

The two sides exchanged views on teaching and research, student training, scientific and technological innovation, artificial intelligence and other issues. Mr. Kovacs spoke highly of the development of international education in China. He believes that the development of international education in China will train more international talents who can promote the development of the world economy, science and technology, which is in line with the goal of future talent training advocated by the OECD.

Mr. Kovacs pointed out that as an excellent educator, how to guide students to the right values, talents, science and technology view is very important. China is a diverse and inclusive country. As a school, we should give full play to China's cultural advantages to encourage and provide more opportunities for Chinese teenagers to communicate and exchange with the world's diverse cultures.

After the meeting, Mr. Kovacs gave a lecture on "The future Demand for Talents in the world and the path to the Growth of Elite Talents" to Linktech and Guanghua students. Mr. Kovacs shared the OECD's vision of how the demand for talent will evolve in the future, and how high school students can prepare for the future as the high-tech boom accelerates the innovation of talent types around the world. "The world is a changing place. The only thing that doesn't change is to focus on it," Mr. Kovacs advises. "It's important to be flexible, open minded, and place your vision in the context of the world at large.

Students asked questions about college major planning, future career choices, and technology trends. Mr. Kovacs happily answered questions and encouraged students to consciously develop leadership, comprehensive literacy, academic competence and multicultural communication in high school. As far as possible, choose the major that you really like and love. Only when you really devote yourself to passion and love, can you realize that life is actually a verb. Being a happy and successful person is more valuable than merely achieving success. The world is full of diversity and compatibility. Strive to become the future leader in a field, and you will have opportunities from around the world.

Accompanied by the principal, Li Pu, the assistant principal, led Mr. Kovacs to visit the campus environment, teaching facilities and places for students to study and live. Mr. Kovacs expressed his appreciation to the students for their hard work and excellent achievements.

Mr. Kovacs and his delegation visited the beautiful lightsaber campus under the guidance of President Lei of Guanghua Cambridge, and felt the vigorous, active and open academic atmosphere of Guanghua Cambridge.

When asked by the media about his message to the students of the university and Guanghua University, Mr. Kovacs asked the students to enlarge your vision and pursue your favorite ideals in the best times. He also asked the students to actively join the "Young World Leaders of the Future" training program initiated by OECD.

The program aims to identify and cultivate young leaders and talents in various fields that affect the future development pattern of mankind, enable outstanding young people from all countries and regions in the world to obtain world-class educational resources, promote resource exchanges and cooperation at a higher level in the world, and jointly create a future human development pattern of diversity, cooperation, innovation and sustainable development. OECD is committed to the development of the Young World Leaders Programme and to providing all possible, rich, world-class education and career development resources. Mr. Kovacs said he expects the program to benefit more Chinese teenagers.

When asked about the goal of future talent cultivation, President Leung said that Linkus always puts the growth of students in the first place, constantly explores the potential and development direction of students, and arouses their love for academics. He hopes that he will strive to become a modern talent with a global vision, strong comprehensive ability and all-round development. Linktek will continue to deepen and expand international educational and cultural exchange programs in the future, and strive to build more and richer platforms for students, so that students can always maintain a growth mindset and grow up healthily and confidently.

The future will certainly be an era of greater cultural diversity and integration, said President Lei Guanghua. We want to cultivate students who realize that cultures are different, not good or bad, and learn to respect each other's cultures. In the age of AI, more and more problems will be faced by all mankind. The world needs talents who can think from the perspective of "community of shared future for mankind". Only in this way can human beings have a better future.

Mr. Zhao Xiaoqiang, the executive member of the Greater China Region of the World Young Leaders Program, said in an interview with the media that he will be committed to making this international program benefit more Chinese youth and cultivate Chinese elite talents who will have a leading position in the core stage of the world in the future. The future of the world lies in the youth, and the success of the youth in various fields will lead the development of the future world. We need to provide world-class educational resources and development paths for China's outstanding teenagers and young people.

Mr. Kovacs said that his visit to Linkscience and Guanghua Cambridge today left me a deep impression, and I am delighted to see the vigorous development of international education in China and the persistent pursuit of educational goals by Chinese educators. These are two great schools that are good for the overall growth of students and their future career direction, not only academic, but also forward-looking focus on the future and long-term development of children. I also see Chinese children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge, which is the driving force for their future success.

Look forward to meeting with Linktek and Guanghua students again in the future! And look forward to communicating with more Chinese youth!

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