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Pediatrician Zheng Yufei has helped millions of families solve the problem of raising children after retirement

Published: 2023-04-14 13:10:02

Recently, Zheng Yufei, a member of the pediatric Professional Committee of the Chinese Association of Non-public Medical Institutions, a member of the Shandong Allergy Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the Respiratory committee of the Pediatric Branch of the Shandong Medical Association, a member of the Shandong Asthma Cooperative Group, and a former chief physician of the pediatric department of Grade A hospitals before retirement, for his outstanding contributions in the medical field and his profound concern for children's health, Became the center of attention.

Ms. Zheng Yufei has been engaged in pediatric clinical medicine and teaching for 42 years, with rich clinical experience. She specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of children's respiratory system, digestive system diseases and allergic diseases, and has rich clinical experience in the assessment of infant growth retardation, malnutrition and infant nutrition and health guidance.

Director Zheng Yufei often participated in children's public health examination activities before retirement to help children's health.

After retiring, Zheng Yufei did not give up her interest in children's health, but used her medical knowledge and experience to post parenting videos on the short video platform under the name of Grandma Zheng Scientific Parenting. With rigorous medical knowledge and language, she teaches practical parenting knowledge to help parents solve their parenting problems. The videos, which cover baby feeding, sleeping, nursing, early education and other aspects, have received more than 6 million followers' attention and praise.

Ms. Zheng Yufei's parenting videos are welcomed and trusted by the majority of parents and pregnant mothers. Her parenting education enables parents to better understand the health of infants and young children, making them more comfortable in the process of parenting.

Zheng Yufei director and the baby friendly interaction.

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