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Sun civilization is the most important civilization of human civilization.

Published: 2022-11-04 08:39:01

The solar civilization is the most important civilization of human civilization

-- The Sun, Sun God and the progress of world civilization

The birth of life from the micro view is accidental, from the macro view is inevitable.

Age 13.8 billion, age 4.6 billion, earth on the full of water blue planet, experienced a long inorganic small molecule collision, under the influence of earth rotation to provide power, in the vast ocean world, enough small probability events by hundreds of millions of years, long torn chemical bonds need huge energy finally arrives at the right time, Life was born out of lightning and thunder, and inorganic molecules were synthesized into organic ones. The subsequent evolution is a process from simple to complex.

Time quickly passed 200 million years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, a huge meteorite fell from the sky, the dinosaurs became extinct, and the spring of mammals came.

Forty million years ago, ancient apes appeared. The hands and feet of the ape are divided into different roles. The hands carry the picking and the feet bear the load. This is a genius way of division of labor, because it prepares the ground for upright walking. But life is genetically inert, and no ape is willing to give up the fruits of the branches for the murderous felines that rule the earth.

This was done for tens of millions of years, as the apes experienced the joy of living in the real Garden of Eden, until they encountered an evil snake.

Of course not a snake. But the creator finally impatient, with a wave of the big hand, the Quaternary ice Age came, not to drive down trees.

2.5 million years ago, large areas of land covered by ice, a large number of plants, a large number of animals become extinct, food scarce forced apes to the ground from the tree for food, and long life on the ground of mammals, the cold earth makes was good at using both hands, feet touch the ground, only to reduce heat loss, after 40 million years of rehearsal, Australopithecus feet evolution bearing skills gradually adapt to the ground, has formed the habit of walking upright, and heighten the view on the dangerous environment provides a greater ability to survive, liberation hands have more use functions, which led to mental development, a virtuous cycle began, an amazing time, including god, will be created with both hands.

Compared with terrestrial animals, lack of power is apes, and the hands flexibility enables the apes could grab objects to struggle, this pattern may victory spread in a population, apes insufficient natural forces and flexible hands, meet can't open food possible with the aid of rock damage, thus formed the climax of a research and development of science and technology (this use and create tools, The distinction between humans and animals was made, and the Paleolithic Age began.)

Africa is too dangerous, however, that is the heaven of cats, relative to the other continents, the higher the temperature (relatively more comfortable temperature) and the vast prairie (kept endless grazing animals), not have without block of geographical environment (normal marathon), cats are plump and sturdy. (, ice age animals are relatively scarce, Big cats are often hungry), apes can not fight big cats, also can not fight big dogs, escape is a big problem in Africa where there are more grass and less trees, survival is difficult, the liberation of hands to develop intelligence made the prophets of apes aware of this problem. The first Homo erectus began to move out of Africa, and a great era began.

If they follow their prey and migrate 10 kilometers a day, the Earth's equator is 40,000 kilometers long. Theoretically, it would take them 4,000 days to spread all over the Earth in 10 years. Of course, this is just theory, and the process may have taken hundreds or even thousands of years, because there were three groups of Homo erectus that spread out of Africa, and there was a high probability that there were evolutionarily suitable ancient apes that were just wiped out or fused.

Two hundred thousand years ago, Homo sapiens moved out of Africa. With less developed body size but larger brain size, he gradually became the ruler of the entire earth.

20,000 years ago, when the Quaternary Glacial Period was coming to an end, the average global temperature was still only 9 ° C, most of the world's water was locked into ice, huge glaciers covered 25 percent of the land area, and global sea level was 100-125 meters lower than it is today. Relying only on hunting meat to sustain heat, teams and tools made humans the master of the earth, gone are the days when the big cat ruled the earth, and finally reduced to the status of pets because of their appearance level.

Ten thousand years ago, after the end of the Quaternary glaciation, global temperatures rose, and the dawn of civilization emerged under the sun. The human mode of living can add more options besides hunting, breeding, planting and gathering. Therefore, choosing the right settlement is the product of wisdom, and settlement is the precursor of civilization. A variety of foods provides the brain with multiple nutrients, and the growth of wisdom follows a steady curve. When survival becomes hunting, family becomes harbor, wealth is accumulated, no one needs to hunt, social division of labor occurs, and those who can do nothing become leaders (people who can unite the collective and produce greater efficiency).

Where the temperature rises fast, the benefits of the sun can be enjoyed first -- civilization was born, and the temperature chose Africa among the human tribes of the world.

Originating in the East African plateau, the Nile is the longest river in the world. At the entrance of the Mediterranean Sea, it forms the Nile Delta. Stable climate, fertile land, far from the big cats of the African savannahs, on the lower Nile, with ample water, forming an ideal gathering place.

An Egyptian village more than 9,000 years ago has been discovered.

The Egyptian civilization was born 7,450 years ago.

As the earliest civilization in the world, Egypt worshipped the sun God, as was the case with all the subsequent civilizations. Up to now, the eye above the pyramid on the dollar bill, the basic currency of the US dollar, is the sun God, the supreme god of Egypt. Greece is the birthplace of European civilization, while Egypt is the birthplace of civilization around the Mediterranean.

More than 6,000 years ago, the Sumerian civilization in the Mesopotamia region emerged, with the sun as the object of worship, and the sun god was Utu.

5,500 years ago, the Babylonian civilization of the Mesopotamia region emerged to worship the sun god Oia.

More than 5,000 years ago, the ancient Indian civilization of the Indus Valley emerged with the worship of the sun god Surya.

Around 5000, the Yellow River Civilization and the Yangtze River civilization emerged in China, which worshipped the sun until the Xia and Shang dynasties.

4,500 years ago, the Mayan civilization emerged in the Americas and worshipped the sun god Tonatiu.

This was the era of the birth of world civilization, covering Eurasia and the Americas. Opportunities were the same for all continents, but the development since then has chosen different directions.

The next era is the era of civilization upgrading, and civilization upgrading will prove to depend on the exchange of civilizations. Isolated civilizations such as the Mayan civilization cannot survive, which has a deep philosophical meaning.

The early civilization was the big river civilization, but the essence of the big river civilization was agricultural civilization. The hunting mode of chasing prey could not produce the accumulation of means of production, and it was always in the supply of consumption. Agriculture was a high-tech industry at that time, which could generate stable gathering places, stable food income and stable economic accumulation, which could feed more people, and more people would generate more economic accumulation, thus achieving a virtuous cycle. Hunting, farming, farming, picking, the economy became diversified, and the more sophisticated economic model promoted the increase in intelligence.

Compared with hunting occupation and guarding the surrounding wild animals, farming occupation is in the battle disadvantage of occupation, and in the need of defense, the city wall is produced, and thus the city is born. Construction industry has become one of the pillar industries, and construction industry can catalyze many industries.

The construction industry, especially the wall mode, cannot be completed by individuals, nor is it capable of being completed by tribes. It needs the power of the state, so the state came into being, which is a sign of civilization.

The construction of Egyptian pyramids produced science including mechanics, mathematics, geometry, etc. Egyptian civilization is the source of Western science and technology. It is not just the embodiment of architectural aesthetics, but the product of technology integration.

Agricultural civilization produced astronomy, spring, summer, autumn and winter climate has become the scientific basis for guiding agriculture, all civilizations have developed the solar calendar, which is a major sign of agricultural civilization, astronomy has achieved agriculture, improve the production efficiency, so as to make the country produce greater cohesion.

Astronomy was so important that only the king and the sacrificial class could master it. Religious worship was upgraded from the totem of mountains, rivers, birds and beasts to the worship of the sun, which was an important sign of the upgrading of civilization and the only sign of the upgrading of agricultural civilization.

Human religion has experienced three stages, primitive religion, solar religion and humanistic religion. In the age of hunting, fist was easier to understand than reason. Only gods could bring together people of different blood ties and races. Totemic images reflected more elements of the living environment that they depended on or feared. Agricultural civilization is the upgrading of wisdom and technology, so early civilizations chose the sun as the object of worship; Until around 500 BC, lasted for thousands of years of the sun's religion was to large area of racial integration trend depends on the geographical situation in age hard to break through the defense system around mountains and rivers geography as the core unit of stable countries chosen to equality is compatible with all race and class as the starting point of new religion replaced with thick cultural atmosphere, It is still used today.

The solar civilization is the beginning of all civilizations.

Religion has the attribute of reverence, and the sun religion is no exception. The legend of the great flood that spread around the world civilization is the product of the power of the sun.

Why would an agricultural civilization choose a big river over a small river or something? Small rivers gather small populations and are easily unified. The groups in the mountains were too fragmented to form large states and could easily be broken down individually, which is why the Yellow River civilization of China has been so dominant. The plateau environment basically only grew grass, so nomadic people formed, and when they ran out of food with their horses and sheep, they had to move to another place, unable to form the accumulation of civilization. Only the plains through which rivers pass can form large states.

Therefore, early human civilization is not only agricultural civilization, solar civilization, river civilization, but also plain civilization.

Stable agricultural civilization choice near the river is the deep cause of the flooding caused by the fertile soil, rich in organic matter, because the normal soil formed by rock, not enough nutrition, plant growth only inorganic, rely on rain formation of the lower life into nutrition deficiency, after all, the rivers flood irrigation of land, There are not only rich organic matter in the river, but also a large number of organic matter formed by fish and other corpses, which provides the best conditions for the growth and development of crops. In the case of human ability to transform nature is already insufficient, it is a perfect choice.

So the formation of early agricultural civilization is the product of the flood caused by the melting of the ice sheet accumulated during the Quaternary ice age under the rising temperature of the sun.

And flooding is definitely a double-edged sword, in 2 million, the accumulated temperature rise sharply as the sun, the ice all finish digest in 10000 years, the release of the flood volume, this is China's flood legend, the biblical flood legend, the Sumerian flood legend, India flood legend, the origin of the mayan flood myth, so this is not a legend, is real. The source of the great flood in China and the great flood in India is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and China's civilization is not only the Yellow River civilization, but also the Yangtze River civilization. Because the temperature in the Yangtze River basin is higher, the civilization will usher in earlier. This is the reason why the Sanxingdui civilization is earlier in time, which confuses many people. The ancient Indian civilization was also a little earlier than the Chinese civilization.

It's all because of temperature, so several ancient civilizations were located about 5 degrees above and below the 30th parallel.

The sun introduced several continents to civilization, and the glaciers melted away during the Quaternary ice age. Several civilizations began their own development process. Climate was no longer a decisive factor, but due to their geographical differences, several civilizations eventually formed completely different endings.

The mayan civilization location may be condemned death ending, although it achievements in solar calendar and astronomical observation is the highest, but the difference is, and other several big civilized it is located in the north and South America on the narrow line, while the other hinterland of the north and south, east and west have profound civilization, all farming civilization suffered nomadic invasion, but for the Maya civilization, There was no room for manoeuvres, and even if you had to resist a million times, one defeat would have meant nothing, and the invaders were probably Indians. The Mayans disappeared in 800 A.D. and the Sun lasted 3,300 years.

Later, the Inka and Aztec civilizations in South America were also solar civilizations.

For Egyptian civilization, the lack of steep terrain could not form an effective defense against the nomads in the east and the barbarians in Europe in the north, which led to the repeated destruction of the country by different ethnic groups. Finally, the native race disappeared into the stream of history. The sun worship stopped in 50 BC and lasted for 5,000 years.

In the age of cold weapons, nomadic horsemen had a clear battle advantage over agrarian people, who were dominated by infantry. To win, the state had to be large enough. The Babylonian civilization also fell to the nomads in 538 BC because of its lack of size and steep terrain. The Sun civilization lasted for 2,000 years.

For the Great Plains of India, there was no danger to defend and no way back, but to fall into Aryan slavery and, sadly, to form a rigid class pattern. The solar civilization lasted 1,000 years. But the Brahmin religion of the Aryans also had Suria, the sun god.

In eastern China is the world's largest sea, western and southern is the highest mountain in the world, the condensate network into a vast hinterland of the Yangtze river and Yellow River and a large number of population of cohesion, make any nomads can digest, finally can only be assimilation, thus become the only continuous civilization, finally forms the agricultural civilization landscape package nomads turf unique patterns, China's sun civilization as in shang dynasty, It lasted for 2,000 years.

Europe also went through rounds of barbarian invasions, and eventually nomads replaced the ancient Greeks.

Egyptian civilization achievements have not perish, but by Egypt, the Sumerian, Babylon, Greece, Macedonia, Roman, Germanic Anglo-Saxon, inherited by nomadic nationality, and carry forward, finally the industrial revolution was achieved by the Renaissance, the human from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization era, further into the information age.

Now we are in the midst of the metaverse, which will be possible to create a virtual parallel world in the same wonderful way as the creator.

The European barbarian civilization started from Greece, and later introduced Arabic numerals from India and binary from China. Therefore, it was a model that integrated hundreds of different cultures, not that Germans were born with high intelligence. Before the Greek civilization, civilization and a Mediterranean Aegean civilization including the Minoan and Mycenaean, around 3000 BC, the population is too little, just this civilization is a tribe, and basically is affected by the Egyptian civilization, so there is no qualification in company with several major ancient civilizations, at least this is not a country. However, the Aegean civilization was still rich enough in its cultural achievements, because the archipelagoes, with commercial trade as the main mode, were not subject to the divinity of the supreme ruler like Egypt, so they could develop relatively freely, thus producing many valuable ideas, among which the Greek city-state system may have been influenced by this. So the Mediterranean is the cradle of European civilization.

Several big civilized inheritance early man, because of geographical reasons, European, Asian and African mainland constraints has been a long war, the country has repeatedly been eliminated, like a seesaw battle, lasting, strong Yi Chang, weak, yi wu, unable to form a stable development, and partial in the corner of Europe, the Mediterranean, red sea, Persian gulf, the Caspian sea and the black sea, stopped the pace of the nomads, It won Europe a relatively stable space for development, so it had the best conditions for the accumulation of civilization, and it was not surprising that the Industrial Revolution was born from this, because it was time for the accumulation of civilization. Even so, it took the Renaissance to cleanse the blood of the barbarians with the light of the solar age to transform them into truly civilized people.

The nomadic tribes that invaded early farming followed a variety of religions, but most were related to the sun.

By 2000 AD, the Aryans, the largest warmongering nomads, had migrated south from the steppes of the southern Ural Mountains in Russia and invaded the four ancient civilizations.

It was defeated and terminated in China by the Shang Dynasty. The short-term annihilation of Egypt; It destroyed Babylon and occupied Persia (which was later occupied by the Arabs, who came from Semitism, Semitism from Babylon, Jews from Semitism, Christianity from Judaism); Invaded India and established caste system. The Aryan religious worship was the sun, the face of the sun god radiating light later used by Hitler as a Nazi symbol.

Around 500 BC a branch of the Aryans established Zoroastrianism, the core of which was actually the Sun religion.

First the Aryans disturbed Eurasia and Africa, then the Macedonians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Mongols. But Arabia and Mongolia are after the third level of civilization, so the influence is not the progress of civilization, but the shape of the state territory. Nomadic peoples in the middle plateau played an objective role in forming the ancient lowland civilization in the east and west.

Basic from the ancient Greek civilization, the Romans first appeared in ancient Greece in 1200 BC, the Aegean civilization destroyed after dumbfounded, things are smashed, artisans also killed, to the pursuit of progress all can't find the wise men, then enter the "dark ages", so the europeans natural barbarian genes difficult ziqi, ray wants to pressure is not to live.

But it has the advantage of introspection to be honest. Formally established in 800 BC, the Greek civilization and to create the bright culture, Greek mimics the polytheism in Egypt but not the same, not the absolute power of god, and the gods (including the sun) number increased greatly, and the secular character, all sorts of trouble more than mere mortals, to hate iron not to produce even to the extent of the fast. But it is the upgrade germination of civilization, is the liberation of thought, and thought is also the most basic industry, there is no absolute deity loose environment, can realize the exploration of various industry arouse the creativity of the various aspects of science and technology can be in the ring the Mediterranean Greece for better practice environment, eventually become a master, until to the industrial revolution.

Alexander conquered Greece in 400 BC, Macedonia, the territory extending to the Mediterranean and Persia, but he failed to establish a subordinate absolute loyalty and obedience, alive can melee, ministry will directly map carved up, after the death of the ptolemaic dynasty replaced the dynasty of Egypt, but it is still the continuation of the Egyptian religion, So Cleopatra was actually European, which is why Caesar and Antony were fascinated. Alexander was an enlightened king, compatible with all religions (Persia was Zoroastrianism at the time), but Macedonia also worshipped the Sun, the symbol of the kingdom is the Virgina sun.

In 146 BC, the Romans defeated Macedonia and occupied Greece. By the way, they changed the name of the sun god, Helios to Saul. The name is shorter and easier to remember. Carthage was destroyed and a great empire around the Mediterranean was established. Although interrupted by the Germanic Empire, it still lasted for 1400 years and created a brilliant civilization, among which the advanced nature of the solar civilization around the Mediterranean played a decisive role.

Germanic is a very creative nation, its own first arrived at the three islands into the celtics, and destroyed the Roman empire, and then to destroy the celtics, later tried to destroy the world, of course, the result is same as Germanic anglo-saxons are destroyed, the typical malicious up and are afraid of a risk-averse, When there are enemies, we unite them (mercenaries for Rome), and when there are no enemies, we turn them into enemies. We can't stay idle.

Germanic people originated from the forests of northern Europe, so they did not have much sense of the sun, because there were only trees on the head, so they formed the worship of nature. The god they worshipped most was the god of war, which was of course very Germanic.

The Celtic Germanic people, who were probably driven to the British Isles because they were not good enough, worship nature, which is a common thread. The Children of the Forest in Game of Thrones are them, and they are also the cute elves who guard the environment in many games. But at the same time the Celts worshipped the Druids, a sect that also worshipped the sun, and Stonehenge on the English steppe was the site of the sun worship.

Another theory is that Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago. Logic suggests that 5,000 years ago, the high latitude and low temperature of the British islands would not have produced this level of civilization. But since it was an English gentleman who said it, then you don't listen to it.

By the way, the sun god of the Slavic Russians is Darzberg.

Around 500 B.C., Eastern and Western civilizations entered the era of contention between a hundred schools of thought, and a large number of great thinkers emerged, including Socrates in 470 B.C., Laozi in 570 B.C., Confucius in 551 B.C., and Sakyamonyi in 565 B.C. Taoism and Confucianism in China, Buddhism in India, the philosophical sect of the Western scientific enlightenment, and Judaism, the predecessor of Christianity, were officially established. All the philosophical ideas now in use in the world were founded at this time. Human civilization evolved from solar civilization to philosophical civilization and from theistic era to godless era. The wise people who established faith did not really believe in gods, but in order to unite more people, so this is also a period of transformation from a slavery society to a feudal society. The monarch no longer had absolute psychological power (knowing that he was not the blood of God) and had full respect for the human rights of his vassals and the public. This is a major upgrade of human civilization.

If it is not the deliberate arrangement of the creator, it can only show that under the agricultural civilization, the productivity accumulation speed is about the same, there is no huge gap between industrial civilization.

Wisdom may reflect an interesting race problem, because the dimension, cause the temperature of the Indus civilization to early Chinese civilization, but India from age era evolution to god without god and almost the same as in China, explain the aryans is lower than the Chinese wisdom, itself a buddhist wisdom is lower than that of Taoism, and Confucianism and China at that time, there are other school, In India, though, a hundred flowers were blooming. The Greek civilization was the first to inherit the Egyptian civilization, and figures like Socrates should have appeared earlier. However, it was upgraded to the godless age at the same time as China, which shows that the Chinese people were wiser than the Europeans. Jews belong to Semitic people, and Semitic people belong to Babylon and the Babylonian civilization system in Sumer, Egypt. The history is earlier. However, Jews were in the land of the Four Wars and had been lacking a stable environment.

If you look at it from this point of view, India will not overtake China, let alone Japan, China's biggest competitors in the future will not only be the Germanic Anglo-Saxons, but also the Jews. IQ which explains why in the world today is the number one cause of the jews, and then is Chinese, outshine others in Europe Germany IQ slightly higher than the Chinese, Greece is lagging instead, because Germany is a purebred German, and Greek Macedonia Roman Germanic conquest, the essence of civilization finally by Germanic nation transformation. And the intelligence of nomads, including the intelligence of blacks, will never catch up with the intelligence of farming civilization, because it has been developed for thousands of years, and will not wait for you to catch up, why will you be caught up with.

The pattern of agricultural civilization, not only all chose the sun civilization, but also in the size of the earth, no repetitive type, Egypt is the earliest type of civilization, Chinese civilization is independent of the type, India is enslaved the type of civilization, the Sumerian and babylonian is rebuilt type of civilization, the mayan civilization was to isolate the type of destruction, Aegean tribal civilization is the catalyst civilization type. If you were designing a civilization game, what other kind of civilization would you have?

The layout of the Earth's continental plates is so elaborate that there are no repeated geographical patterns at five degrees above and below 30 degrees north latitude that successive civilizations have chosen different paths, and it is a bit of a coincidence that in 500 BC they have reached a uniform rhythm of progress.

Have you ever thought about the feeling of extreme fear.

If there is no creator, completely the result of random evolution of the universe, then logically there would be alien civilizations. And if there is an alien civilization, it should be one closer to the center of the Big Bang. Once a civilization starts, carbon-based life evolves at about the same rate. And Earth's civilizations are unlikely to be isolated, at least on a concentric sphere. So whether or not there are aliens is simply a question of math. A ray is emitted from the explosive singularity, and the civilization on this ray, normally, the closer it is to the center, the earlier the star and the planet are stable, and the farther it is, the later it is stable; The closer the distance to the center, the larger the individual planets and stars should be, the larger the water area, and the earlier the probability of life formation. The closer you are to the singularity, the higher the civilization level, and the farther you are from the singularity, the lower the civilization level. Call it the alien civilization hierarchy theorem. So, large planets closer to the singularity than Earth should be a cause for alarm, and civilization could be hundreds of millions of years ahead. And smaller planets farther from the singularity than Earth could later act as alliances. You have to be big enough to resist the invasion of nomadic planets, so you need to build up enough wiggle room, and perhaps most importantly figure out where to run or hide, because not all civilizations aim to destroy each other, but they need to survive the destruction of the horde. A normal civilization should be compatible with other civilizations and work together to prevent the destruction of the universe.

Although the solar civilization was replaced by the present civilization around 500 BC, the solar civilization did not die out, but was inherited in another form, such as recessive genes in the present civilization. Valuable civilizations will not be abandoned, but will be passed on and carried forward.

First said Christian, Pisces, Jesus is the day of his birth, Christmas day, December 25, is the Roman sun god Apollo's birthday, Jesus is the twelve zodiac gold, which is the zodiac, according to the Roman calendar, the day was the time that the sun in the tropic of cancer, which is China's winter solstice, while China's winter solstice and Christmas sent three days, The only reason is that the Roman calendar is not as accurate as the Chinese calendar, so Christmas should be on the winter solstice, which is December 22.

The cross is the light of the sun, and Jesus leans his head on the cross because Jesus is the sun.

God's first words were: Let there be light. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are one, so God is also the sun. Or he said there would be light and then it rained, which was embarrassing, and God didn't mention that he had an umbrella when he was sliding in the dark.

Christianity comes from Judaism, the symbol of Judaism is the hexagram, but the hexagram has the characteristics of both the sun and the star, which is understood by everyone. In any case, the wisdom of Jews also understands that the sun is more important than the star, but it can't be the same as others, so there is this variant.

The winter solstice to Christmas is the festival of the three-foot Wuyuan universe.

Buddhism, all Buddhas have a light wheel behind them. The mother of the Buddha is the peacock Daming King, which is the sun. The supreme deity of Tibetan Buddhism is the Dairi Buddha, and the Dairi Buddha is another Dharma phase of Sakyamuni.

Mysterious and mysterious, the door of many wonderful. We talked about Taoism, Taoism originated from eight diagrams, eight diagrams originated from Fuxi, King Wen arrested and performed Zhouyi. The source of Fuxi's gossip was the sun. Whether the repair shock injured Du Jing dead or dry from the shock of Xunkan genkun or heaven and earth water fire wind thunder mountain or how to say how to come, in short, all around the middle of the sun, a Yin and a Yang is the way.

Tao Te Ching is the longest of all sutras, and Taoism is the gateway of all Dharma. But Lao-Tzu is not talking about metaphysics. He is talking about science in which self-knowledge fails to understand the whole.

Tao can be Tao is very Tao: the universe has rules, but the knowledge is far from all, can be expressed must be partial or even wrong.

Namable, namable: There are certainly not all phenomena that can be defined, and there are too many that we do not know that have not been defined.

The nameless Beginning of Heaven and Earth: The universe is born out of nothing (in line with Big Bang thinking), and out of nothing comes being (singularity).

The Mother of All Things: Then "being" (singularity) transforms into all things.

Often no, to see its wonderful: to "no" to consider, think about the most fundamental rules.

Often, one would like to look into it: look into "something" and find a pattern of change.

The two, the same name, the same call of the mystery: "have" and "nothing" is the same, there is nothing, nothing is there, but the form of expression is not the same (the sum of "have" is "nothing"), so the name is not the same, but is a rule.

Secret, secret door: Rule, rule, this rule is so secret, this is the key to the universe.

The depth of Lao Zi's thinking had already considered the ultimate law of the universe from the height of philosophy, but he knew that the wisdom at that time could not solve it, so he named the law of the universe as Tao, thinking that the universe operates according to the "Tao", is regular and can be mastered, but he didn't know it yet. Therefore, it is put forward in the following part that man's law, earth's law and nature's law every day, and nature is the objective world and the universe. When Zhuang Zi with romantic thinking said, "Next to the sun and moon, carry the universe, for its anastomoses." The word "universe" would have appeared earlier.

However, because the perspective of Tao Te Ching is so high that it is beyond the whole era, the mysterious and mysterious parts of it have been used by imaginative disciples of later generations to hunt ghosts, of course, there are also alchemy and seeking impotence, the high people reading the divination in various movies and TV series, as well as feng shui and tomb raiding.

Therefore, it is reasonable for Hegel to say that Confucianism is not philosophy, but Tao Te Ching has carried out high-level philosophical thinking. Laozi is worthy of being the first scholar at that time. Due to his profound and obscure philosophical thoughts, Tao Te Ching has become the source of many schools of thought, and Laozi has also become China's largest patriarch. On earth, Confucius was second only to the Emperor, while in heaven, Laozi was second only to the Jade Emperor.

The word "Yi" in the Book of Changes is derived from the Sun civilization, because in ancient China, it was believed that there was a black bird on the sun, that is, a crow or a three-legged black bird, and the word "Yi" in oracle bone script was a bird carrying the sun, because the ancient people believed that the sun was carried back and forth by a bird. In addition, China was the first to observe the relationship between sunspots and climate. If there were no sunspots, the temperature would be normal, but if there were more sunspots, the weather would be very dry. That's why Houyi shot the sun. Crows are the most consistent with the color of black spots, and crows are the animals with the highest intelligence. All animals are afraid of fire, but crows clean their feathers where there is smoke in order to kill the bugs on their bodies. Therefore, the ancients believed that crows could swallow fire and thus became gods.

In order to distinguish normal crows, the sun crows have three legs.

And the sun is also the representative of the sun, the Great Yu Ding heaven is three legs, Zhou Ding is divided into Yang Ding Ding Yin Ding, Yang Ding is three legs, worship heaven, Yin Ding is four legs, sacrifice to the ground.

The Xia Dynasty of China worshiped the sun (and worshipped it before). The inscriptions of the Xia Dynasty show a man kneeling with the sun on his head, indicating that the greatest flood occurred at the end of the Quaternary Ice Age, when the climate was at its hottest, thus achieving the Great Yu's achievement in establishing the first unified dynasty.

Chinese civilization is the civilization in the Yangtze river and the Yellow River civilization coexistence and the fusion, from the dimension caused by temperature difference analysis, the Yangtze river civilization should be earlier than the Yellow River basin or slightly earlier, so the sanxingdui relics can find time longer, sanxingdui is the worship of the sun, there are ten bird sun making, observation of the sunspot operation rule in Yangtze river basin and the Yellow River basin is the same.

The Liangzhu culture in the Taihu Lake Basin dates back to 5300-4500 years ago. There is a picture of a Yangbird shrine on the jade ware. The bird stands on the top of the altar and the altar is engraved with the day of carrying the bird, indicating that the Yellow River Basin and the Yangtze River basin worship the sun and believe that there are birds in the sun. Liangzhu has a city, which means it is already a country and its culture is also a solar civilization.

The Dawenkou culture dates back to 6500-4500 years ago. There is a figure on the pottery unearthed, with the sun on top and fire on the bottom, indicating that it was also a sacrificial article to the sun God. However, Dawenkou was in the Neolithic Age, so it was not a national civilization in the real sense.

From the analysis of this phenomenon, the sun worship should have been in the Neolithic Age, and is probably a universal phenomenon in the world, not necessarily from the beginning of farming civilization. So the culture of the sun has been around even longer.

There are four elements of solar civilization: 1. The region with high temperature appeared first, and the southern region appeared earlier than the northern region under the same conditions. 2. There are large rivers, which can obtain fertile land due to flooding, and large rivers can gather population. Only with large population can a country be formed, so as to establish defense capacity, survival capacity and development capacity; 3. Enough plains to accommodate enough people; 4. Have high ground to escape the flood so that you have room to maneuver.

The areas in the Yangtze River Basin that meet the above conditions are likely to have civilizations with similar histories as the Sanxingdui and Liangzhu cultures. The Guangzhou region of the Pearl River Basin is likely to have a civilization longer than India because it is closer to the equator than India. And if it existed and then died, probably for the same reason that the Mayan civilization died, there was no civilization around to communicate with, so a single civilization would be very vulnerable. In today's world, the coexistence of the Eastern and western modes of civilization is a blessing for the overall development of human civilization. The Eastern mode of thinking and the Western mode of thinking are both valuable assets for the entire human civilization. As with ecological diversity, the diversity of civilizations is equally important.

Sanxingdui is basically a remnant of the Quaternary glacial period caused by a sudden flood from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, so there are no signs of foreign invasion and volcanic eruptions.

Earth most of the land in the north of the equator, so this is concentrated in the northern hemisphere the sun civilization appears the reason, although South America is located in the south of the equator, the temperature is higher, but South American great plains gently topography, quaternary glacial melting ice could not rule out quickly, should be a swamp, in the history of the amazon river arises because the river will be changing phenomenon, Civilization is even less likely.

The Sun culture is the only universal culture. World all national ethnic totem, the sun is the character image, only China's solar totem is a small animal image, this also is a very interesting phenomenon, is helpful to build a world-class IP, three-legged bird yuan has already begun to layout for several years, the universe and the mascot of the universe with the three-legged bird as yuan, goal is to become an international output is the important carrier of Chinese culture.

After the shopping mall replaced the Xia Dynasty, the crow was changed into the black bird, the black is black, merchants think they are the descendants of the black bird, the Shang worship of the sun is not one, but ten, so there are ten SUNS in the sky is also completely consistent.

Zhou Dynasty instead of Shang, can no longer change from the bird, simply made a hundred birds named Phoenix, so Fengming Qishan, in fact, still continues the solar civilization, phoenix is its own light, but also a metaphor for the sun's light.

When it came to the Qin Dynasty, the Zhou Dynasty had made birds to the extreme, so it set up a collection of beasts. This was the dragon, which could fly and still integrated the characteristics of birds. Moreover, the color of the dragon was black dragon, so it still came from the three birds.

In the han dynasty, liu bang culture is not much, originally he is cloth, don't have that shang dynasty zhou dynasty qin dynasty the foresight of layout in advance, completely belongs to emergencies, originally as a fugitive ran to the thought of life in the mountains, the mutable uprising, needless gave him the chance, so can't ahead of time to create more advanced than the dragon image, moreover, the birds and beasts are perfectly, Can't make up a plane or flying saucer, so simply say that his mother was a dragon according to the belly, became a dragon baby, so the Han Dynasty still to the dragon as the totem, thus the Chinese nation totem is officially determined. Later dynasties didn't have the wisdom to make anything more complicated than a dragon.

However, black has been passed down from the Qin Dynasty to the Han Dynasty to the Jin Dynasty. The emperor wore black clothes, which was attributed to Xiao Gong of Qin. All dynasties up to the Qing Dynasty wore black clothes when offering sacrifices to heaven.

The last emperor who wasn't an emperor, Yuan Shikai, also wore black dearly dearly when offering sacrifices, which is why black extended from the Xia Dynasty to the Republic of China. Ask why wear black, certainly not to resist dirt, because this is the sun on the color of the three-legged black.

During The Three Kingdoms Period, Sanzu Wu was introduced into Korea and Japan and became the highest divine animal in the two countries. Therefore, the worship of the sun in the two countries is the Chinese divine animal, which is unique in the world. The logo and mascot of the current Japanese national football team are also three steps. Confucianism, Taoism, architecture, clothing, gods and animals and other cultural elements are widely used in Japan and South Korea, which shows that Chinese culture has deeply influenced the East Asian circle. This is the embodiment of the strength of Chinese civilization, and we can be proud of it.

One episode is consider very fear, liao country a-pao-chi ambitious, declared in jiang killed the black dragon, and to the river named heilongjiang, why not other colors, is because the world xiao of qin won the black dragon, a-pao-chi this is want to make the idea of the central plains, it's a pity that the nomadic people around is enough to him the nomads have a headache, So this little idea didn't work out.

But by the end of the Ming Dynasty, Nurhaci's hometown was Heilongjiang Province. He was later moved by the hand of fate, all the way to Liaodong, and finally entered the Central Plains to establish the Qing Dynasty.

So the curtain fell on the Qing Dynasty, founded by Nurhachi in the Amur Province, from the Black Dragon of Qin Xiaogong. Will it be heaven?

At this point, China's solar civilization completely ended.

However, the new China ushered in the eastern red sun rising.

In the face of energy crisis today and in the future, clean energy, especially solar energy, is the best choice for mankind, and in the end, the huge level of energy demand may only depend on the sun, because the essence of energy is energy. Therefore, the sun is still the biggest reliance for human beings in the future. Perhaps in the future, human beings will build a huge hat on the plane perpendicular to the sun and the nine planets, so as to draw the energy wasted in the deep universe to the Earth, let's call it the "three-legged black hat". Or build a giant ellipsoid outside the solar system, allowing unidirectional light from the universe to pass through, and any energy emitted by the sun to be recycled, while providing a hard shell to avoid asteroid impacts, while hiding the solar system deep in space. Maybe higher civilizations do it.

The super civilization of the future will still be the solar civilization.

Even further into the future, when humans leave the solar system in search of a new home, it will be in search of another sun.

Ah, the sun!

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